Thursday, August 25, 2011


As summer wanes out in a "where did time go" flash of nostalgia, we look forward to a new season. A new chance. A new start. Kids go back to school, the season changes, the air is crisp and inviting. New clothes. New shoes. New feelings. Autumn might be my favorite month (despite my birthday landing in summer). As I'm not going back to school I will miss the smell and feel of new school supplies (is there anything better than letting loose in an office supply store and buying pens, paper, notebooks, and paper clips?) but can welcome a new wardrobe and at the same time hopefully a new aesthetic. I constantly crave to be reinvented. I pull out last years clothes and find no urge to wear them again. I change too constantly, want to find my unique interpretation of trends and find suitable. To focus on quality instead of quantity. No more cheap thrill of walking out of the store with a bag and hand and an item to place in my wardrobe, but instead let the idea of a garment permeate my thoughts until the mere idea of living without it causes me distress and I must purchase it.

Autumn 2011

Slouchy sweaters, form fitting bottoms and interesting wedge lace up boots or perhaps combat boots. Plus a little bit of edgy ethnic inspired jewelry. Nothing too outside the box yet pulled together, comfortable, and chic.

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